Natural Resources    

    Quest Mineral Resources, Inc., or
QMR, works directly with natural resource companies to help develop rare and industrial mineral projects, including arranging financing.  QMR also intends to form an investment fund to acquire equity and royalty interests in various mineral projects.  Quest Mineral Resources, Inc. is a controlled subsidiary of Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc.

    As part of its business, QMR will provide funding for mineral projects and generally retain a portion of the royalty interest for proving its services.  QMR intends to form a Fund to acquire equity interests in mineral companies that have received production funding, or have existing production and may offer sufficient upside or have a exit strategy of doing a public offer to provide good returns to the Fund.  The Fund will only be available to high net worth individuals and will not be offered to the general public.

    Quest Mineral Resources has also been appointed to arrange financing for an exploration-stage junior mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of brine projects in Chile which contain lithium, potassium and other light metals.  Estimated reserves include over 525,000 tons of lithium and over 4 million tons of potash.  New technologies developed for lithium-ion batteries have created such high demand that the spot market price has recently tripled. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are used worldwide in bulk energy storage units, cell phones, computer laptops and the rapidly growing plug-in electric motor vehicle industry.  The potash industry is also growing with a worldwide demand for fertilizer production to meet increased agriculture needs.

    Other JIH natural resource investments will focus on companies involved in rare and industrial minerals.  Most investment agreements will be in the form of royalty or streaming interests, thus creating cash flow for JIH without the volumes of documentation necessary to operate as an exploration company.  Natural resource and mineral investments have historically been shown to offer solid growth in most economic times.

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