Management Team    

George W. Cole, President and Board Member

    Mr. Cole began his career in real estate working in his father’s real estate office when he was a teenager.  In the late 1960’s, Mr. Cole took over the operations of Herb Cole Real Estate and changed the focus of the Company to major commercial brokerage, investment and development.

    Highlights of Herb Cole Real estate include:  the construction and sale of 300 single-family homes in Denver; owned, developed and managed over 1,000 multi-family residential units;  was the second largest owner and manager of low-income housing in the area north of downtown Denver;  managed the development and construction of Cinderella City Shopping Center in Englewood, which at the time was one of the largest enclosed shopping centers in the U.S.;  was a member of the development and leasing team that sold Barclay Towers on the 16th Street Mall;  and formed private and public partnerships for investment in NNN leased and retail real estate ranging from $1.5 million to $25 million.  Anchor tenants were generally K-Mart and other national grocery store chains.

     Mr. Cole and related companies, including a family-owned construction company, were in partnership to develop Downtown Denver high rises as well as lining the bores of the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels on I-70.  As time advanced, Mr. Cole followed his grandfather and owned businesses and formed a business consulting company that participated in over thirty-five initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions.

     As a consultant, Mr. Cole has provided insight to:  Edward J. DeBartolo Corp.;  MetLife Real Estate;  Equitable Life;  Bankers Life and Casualty;  SS Kreske (K-Mart);  British Coal Trust;  Hasgawa Koumten Tokyo;  Gold Crown Investments in Miami;  Kowall Investment in Calgary;  and Villa Centers Properties in Calgary.  George can be reached through his email at GCole@JayhawkerHoldings.com.

Brian C. Pulk, Secretary and Board Member

    Brian Pulk is a historian, scholar, researcher, author and teacher.  His experience includes being a historical tour guide, history instructor and lecturer.  Mr. Pulk received his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Metropolitan State College in Denver and earned his Master’s Degree in U.S. History from the University of Colorado Denver.  His duties with Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc. include corporate record keeping and overseeing open market stock sales.  Brian can be reached through his email at plkntr@yahoo.com.

Doug Hanes,
President of Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc.

    Doug Hanes has been a leader in the film and video production industry for nearly 40 years. His expertise in writing, directing, shooting and editing guarantees the continuity and consistency critical to each film or video project.  After graduating from the University of Iowa, Mr. Hanes formed Transtar Productions, Inc.      in 1982.  Since then he has worked to achieve the highest level of perfection for every film and video production.  Clients return to Transtar Productions because Mr. Hanes exceeds their expectations in terms of presentation quality, creativity and results.

    Mr. Hanes’ experience in all aspects of advertising and marketing, along with every phase of the production process, have led some of the most successful and well-known corporations to Transtar Productions.  Clients such as Space Imaging/GeoEye, Orange Glo International, Kaiser Permanente and Johns Manville are only a few of the companies who have experienced the successful results of Mr. Hanes’ unique talent for producing and directing.

    Mr. Hanes brings a specialized shooting style and detail-oriented approach to each project. His formal training in film production and photography creates visually beautiful and technically accurate film and video presentations.  Each year, Mr. Hanes is honored with numerous industry awards for creativity and production excellence from national and international competitions.  These awards can be seen at www.TranstarFilm.com.

    In 2011, Transtar Productions, Inc. merged with Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc. in 2012.  
As President of Transtar Entertainment Company, Mr. Hanes' responsibilities include overseeing all film and television projects, hiring of all producer teams and key production personnel, and managing the production budgets.  He can be reached by email at Doug@TranstarFilm.com.

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