Investment Opportunities    

Before making any investment decisions, investors must provide their own due diligence and rely on their own examination of the companies and the terms
of the different offerings, including the merits and risks involved.  The offerings can only be made by the appropriate offering documents available
from the companies to those in qualified jurisdictions.


    The principals of Quest Real Estate Advisors, Inc, or QREA, are currently selling real estate investment packages in three primary investment funds.  These platforms include a Core-Plus Fund, a Value-Added Fund and an Opportunistic Fund.  Although each fund is positioned at different points along the risk/return continuum, all QREA investment offerings share a common risk management principle.  For more information, go to www.QuestRealEstateAdvisors.com.

    Other real estate investment opportunities have become available that are not suitable for QREA's three primary funds.  To capitalize on these opportunities, QREA has formed a smaller investment fund.  To finance this new platform, Quest Real Estate Advisors is looking for between $500,000 to $1,000,000 from outside investors.  Interested investors should call George Cole at 303-503-8631.


    Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc., or TEC, is an independent broadcast television and feature film production company.  TEC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc.  TEC has a number of entertainment projects looking to secure financing.  These include two broadcast television projects and a feature film partnership.


    To finance the development and production of multiple feature film projects, Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc. is offering partnership positions in various limited liability companies.  These LLC’s enable TEC to maximize cash flow and acquire interests in a greater variety and quantity of film projects.  The Company has already formed Transtar Film Partners, LLC to produce one or more feature film projects.

    Transtar Film Partners, LLC, or TFP, is a Colorado Limited Liability Company.  TFP was created as an investment vehicle to finance the development and production of feature-length, motion picture films. Transtar Entertainment Company is the Managing Partner of TFP. 

    TFP has selected three projects for further development.  These scripts were chosen because they will appeal to family-oriented audiences, are being produced on realistic budgets and are projected to deliver fair returns to our Partners.  All three projects will be put through our detailed Ten-Step Development Process that analyzes the strengths of each film, outlines their unique marketing and distribution plans and determines an appropriate production budget for each film.  TFP is looking for initial funding of $200,000 to begin this development process.  Initial investors will be able to negotiate a minority interest in TFP or receive a favorable payback schedule.

    Once a film project is approved by the TFP Board and receives the green-light for production, a number of accredited investors must be secured to cover the production and distribution costs.  The budget for each film is projected at between $3 million and $10 million.  The secured investors will receive as much as 75% of the membership shares in Transtar Film Partners, LLC.  Additional limited liability companies will be formed as necessary to fund other film projects.

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