Creating Shareholder Value for Generations    

     Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc., or JIH, is a holding company that assists our subsidiaries and investment partners with financing, business consulting and marketing services.  As an incubator company, 
JIH helps our subsidiaries and investment partners secure financing, develop business plans, grow operations and prepare their companies to enter the public markets.

    Each subsidiary or investment partner must be successfully operating for at least two years and intend to expand operations through additional investment, mergers or becoming a public company.  Each firm should have a clear exit strategy.  As each
JIH subsidiary or investment partner matures, they can be taken public or merged with a larger company in a similar industry.  This turnover will provide positive cash flow for JIH to re-invest in other young companies needing assistance with their growth plans.

Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc. concentrates its financing, consulting and marketing services on companies working in three market sectors:  Natural Resources;  Media and Entertainment;  and Real Estate Investment.  JIH will acquire some companies as wholly-owned subsidiaries, some will be controlled subsidiaries while others will sign royalty interests or marketing agreements.

    Quest Mineral Resources, Inc., or QMR, works directly with natural resource companies to help develop rare and industrial mineral projects, including arranging financing.  QMR also intends to form an investment fund to acquire equity and royalty interests in various mineral projects.

    Transtar Entertainment Company, Inc., or TEC,
is a full-service broadcast television and feature film production company.  TEC is uniquely positioned in the entertainment industry to develop, produce and distribute HD television programming and budget-driven motion picture films.

     Quest Real Estate Advisors, Inc., or QREA, is a real estate investment company.  Equity offerings are specially designed to balance smart property acquisition with prudent levels of risk.  QREA is forming real estate investment funds to purchase and manage value-added investment opportunities.

    Jayhawker Investment Holdings, Inc. is offering a variety of investment opportunities.  JIH is currently selling stock through a 504 Private Placement Offering.  Investors can also purchase interests in our individual companies through QMR's Investment Fund or QREA's Real Estate Investment Funds.  Future opportunities will include feature film development through Transtar Film Partners, LLC.  Ultimately, JIH will become a publicly traded company, creating a liquid exit strategy for all investors.

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